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The Essential Knee Appointment

Rich has a passion for knee rehabilitation and can help you decide whether an X-ray or other modalities are necessary (e.g. MRI), and uses specialised equipment to determine whether you have a ligament injury. Richard also uses measuring equipment to ensure any strength deficits have been addressed before returning to your desired activities, to reduce the risk of further complications including re-injury.

More on Rich

Richard Norris is a physiotherapy specialist at Liverpool University Hospitals, working alongside consultant surgeons in the assessment and management of lower limb conditions. He has wrote many of the knee recovery physio protocols you will find in the NHS, and provides training for a variety of health care professionals including doctors, nurses and physios.

Richard is also an honorary lecturer at the University of Liverpool, presents internationally and he is actively involved in research has research. You will find his name on many research papers.

He is co-founder of ‘The Knee Resource’ website and works at our South Liverpool Location offering specialist care to his clients including dynamometry, force testing and blood flow restriction training.

​Simply put, his knee clinics are the best around, and clients travel from all around the UK to be assessed and treated by him. Although ALL of our musculoskeletal physios are more than able to treat knee issues, Rich is a specialist in this area, and only sees knees all day, every day.

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