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Prices & Booking


Initial Assessment for all Musculoskeletal Presentations (45 minutes)
Initial Assessment with Richard Norris Expert Knee Specialist Physio (45 mins)
Follow-up appointments (30 minutes)
Home Visits

All assessments include treatment.


Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy Initial Assessment (45 mins)


Our Sports Therapists work alongside our team of Physiotherapist, can treat a wide rage of musculoskeletal conditions and are valued members of our Multi-Disciplinary Team.

Sports Therapy Follow-up appointment (30 mins)

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health Specialist Physio


Specialist appointments to manage pelvic health presentations that may include stress incontinence, urinary urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, accidental bowel leakage and urgency and sexual dysfunction.

Sessions may include an internal examination with consent, the use of realtime ultrasound and / or biofeedback devices.

Appointments are available for men and women via our booking site or telephone.

£119 (1 hour)
Pelvic Health Specialist Review Appointment 45 mins (follow on)
£75 (45 mins)
Postnatal Physio Check (use of biofeedback and ultrasound imaging included)


A Specialist Physiotherapist with postgraduate postnatal training will check your posture, lower back, pelvis,  tummy gap and pelvic floor. Within our sessions we can use abdominal ultrasound to check your tummy muscles and transperineal ultrasound (if appropriate) to observe your pelvic floor and check for pelvic organ prolapse. Our clinicians have specialist training including courses by ‘Everything Natal’, an internationally renowned evidence based specialist educational company ran by our Clinic Director, Mummy MOT, and Advanced Practitioner Postnatal Training at Masters Level.

£119 (1 hour)
Pelvipower Individual Session (HIFEM) Targeted Pelvic Floor Training


High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Therapy.


Targeted non invasive pelvic floor training, delivered by a team of pelvic health specialists. This is a medical treatment and for best results, a pelvic floor thorough assessment should be provided to determine what settings are used. This is included in the price of individual sessions and packages. We offer this service as medical practitioners with advanced pelvic health skills and training.

£119.00 for individual session or 10 for £699
Specialist Scar Therapy (30 – 45 mins)

Specialist Scar Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage using lymphatouch, a negative pressure system.


Very popular with abdominal scars such as C-Section / Hysterectomy type scars.

Suitable from 6 weeks onwards


Packages available (6 for the price of 5)


from £45

Pilates & Exercise Studios at The Physiotherapy Centre

PIlates 1-1 Sessions

Want to start pilates, but NO idea where to start!! You have come to the right place. Book a 1-1 with of our pilates trained therapists and exercise teachers. Choose from physios, sports therapists and highly experienced pilates teachers. You can also book packages of 5 for £270 – save ££££


Our clinics and studios have been trail blazers, in introducing the combined physio pilates method to Liverpool  back in 2007. We opened the first pilates studios, we train the teachers and our Clinic Director is an internationally recognised pilates master trainer.


Pilates Mat & Reformer Studios
  • Matwork, Reformer & Large Studio Equipment 1-1 private and 2-1 semi private available
  • Small Boutique Classes are held on a weekly basis for all abilities
  • Clinical Pilates classes are available for clients managing injuries and want to exercise in a physiotherapy led environment.
  • Make sure you view our studio timetable & membership options accessed via this website
  • Join our inclusive community of Pilates‘ lovers, where all bodies and abilities are welcome and looked after, we would love you to join us.

Enquire directly for exclusive membership options or browse online (view studio timetable) for trial passes, class passes and PAYG options

from £9.92 a class
Pregnancy & PostNatal Pilates Classes


We remain here to keep you fit through your pregnancy & beyond and have classes available for NEW & EXISTING customers.


Simply put, you are in THE BEST of hands. Our pilates classes, that take place in a leading Women’s Health Clinic, will educate you on all things birth and recovery. We will also take you through lovely flowing sequences of movement to help you your body through this monumental stage in your life. We are always honoured to share your journey.

No experience of pilates necessary and babies welcome to attend of course.


Suitable for mums from 12 weeks pregnant or 4 weeks postnatal (providing all screening forms have been approved), so please fill in your pre class registration form (it will get sent to you once registered) so we can cross check all your info.

View the studio timetable (via the tabs section) and book online or call/email if you need any guidance.

£60 for a 5 week course


Initial Assessment (45 minutes)
Follow-up appointments (30 minutes)
From £43.00

Soft Tissue Treatments

Signature Massages (45 mins)

Choose from a ‘Peppermint Energiser’ (SPORTS), ‘Lemon Zing’ (REVITALIZING) and ‘Calendula Calmer’ (HEALING & CALMING)

Visit our ‘PACKAGES’ section to benefit from 3 signature massages for JUST £114 (SAVE £££)



Custom Made Orthotic Assessment
£75 (45 mins and includes foot casting)

Bespoke top of the range orthotics.

Price includes a FREE fitting.


Bespoke top of the range orthotics.

Price includes a FREE fitting.