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Pilates Reformer Rehab Sessions

Have you considered pilates reformer to help you on your recovery journey?

If not, we would HIGHLY recommend it.

Seriously, this wonderful kit is THE BEST when it comes to rehab, and thats coming from a team of physiotherapists, sports therapists and rehab specialists.

Where to start.

Rehab is bespoke, and that means the BEST way for you to start your journey is with some 1 to 1 solo sessions. Our trained therapists and pilates teachers can really get to know you and develop a programme to cater for your needs.  At both of our clinic locations, we have invested in TOP OF THE RANGE rehab reformers to facilitate accessibility, and we are trained to adapt our teaching styles to suit injured or mobility challenged clients.

Reformer REALLY is for you, so what are you waiting for?

Many of our clients enjoy their solo rehab sessions, and book them in to suit their diaries and recovery plans. A goal for many of our clients, is to attend our studio classes in the future, and we really do make dreams come true.

First stop! Get that 1 to 1 solo pilates session booked via our website www.thephysiotherapycentre.com OR call our clinics.

We cant wait to meet you and start you on your journey.



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