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Custom Made Orthotics

Custom made orthoses are devices that are worn within your footwear. These ‘insoles’ alter the alignment of your feet to optimise the loads placed on the lower limb tissues.

Common problems that may be helped with orthoses:

  • Knee pain (e.g Runner’s Knee, Patellofemoral Symptoms, Osteoarthritis)
  • Hip pain (e.g Iliotibial band symptoms, Gluteal Tendinopathy)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin Pain (e.g Shin Splints)

What is involved?

Book in for an ‘Orthotic Assessment’ with Physiotherapist Richard Norris, who is a Clinical Specialist in lower limb injuries. Richard is also co-founder of The Physiotherapy Centre and has extensive clinical and teaching experience. He has provided training to a variety of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, podiatrists and physiotherapists.

Your suitability for the orthoses and the type of orthoses required will be determined during the assessment. A 3D cast of your feet will be taken in a foam impression box and a bespoke prescription produced to cater for your individual needs. We work closely with the companies who manufacture the orthoses and we can usually guarantee a maximum 2 week turn around time

We guarantee:

  • Value for money
  • Free alterations & adaptations within the first 3 months
  • The best quality materials are used to ensure optimal comfort & longevity