We are based at 65 Booker Avenue, Mossley Hill, directly opposite West Allerton Train Station. We consist of 4 treatment rooms and 2 rehabilitation / pilates studios! 
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We are based at 65 Booker Avenue, Mossley Hill, directly opposite West Allerton Train Station. We consist of 4 treatment rooms and 2 rehabilitation / pilates studios! 
Our team consists of Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Pilates Teachers, Holistic Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists. Allow us to point you the right way
We are proud to set standards with our evidence based practice approach to treatment. Our clinic is the only clinic in Liverpool to currently offer ultrasound imaging.

About Us

Welcome to The Physiotherapy Centre; a leading provider of healthcare and injury rehabilitation in the North West.

We are a purpose built, dedicated treatment centre housing physiotherapy treatment areas and 2 fully equipped pilates and exercise studios (a matwork studio and equipment studio).

Our clinic based in Mossley Hill, South Liverpool specialises in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, neuromuscular conditions,  sports injuries and back and neck pain.
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What's Happening?

Check Out Our 'Seasonal Sale' Instore Now.

Stock up on therapeutic gifts for yourself or your favourite people.
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Choose from a wide selection of retail items including Pilates KIts, Pilates Socks, Pilates Books, DVDs, Massage Balls, Foam Rollers, Magic Circles, Hot Packs, Acupuncture Mats & More......

Bump & Beyond Pilates Classes At The Physiotherapy Centre

Pilates is a fantastic way to stay fit before, during and after your pregnancy. 

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Our specialist physiotherapy led pilates classes ensure you are exercising safely and exercises are taught and modified according to the stage of your pregnancy. 
Each class focuses on back strengthening, mobility, breathing and pelvic floor exercises.

*** max 6 per class to allow attention to detail and lots of opportunities to ask questions***

FREE Appointments With Our Nutritional Therapist.

We are offering FREE 45 minute consultations with our in house Nutritional Therapist
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Our in house Nutritional Therapist 'Dalbinder Baines' is also a qualified Medical Herbalist. Sessions are an opportunity for you to chat about your diet, health problems, weight concerns and nutrition programmes with a health professional. Call to book an appointment.


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Join our 'Gentle Exercise' Group every Monday at 12.

We offer a range of exercise classes to suit individual needs. Every Monday we have a Gentle Exercise Class led by one of our friendly Physiotherapists. The group is suitable for the majority of people, even those who need lots of modifications. Don't be shy. Sign up to this evidence based class. New faces are always welcome. 


Pilates Reformer & Open Studio Sessions

We are NOW running pilates refomer & equipment studio sessions for groups of 4 at the clinic. Take your pilates work out to a new level! Call or email to book a space or to chat about your suitability.


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